A14678 Family support, living conditions and medical assistance in elderly

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Family-based old-age care is the major form of care for elderly in China. With the development of economy, social transformation and family structure changes, the objective and subjective conditions of family-based old-age care are being challenged, and traditional family-based old-age care is more and more difficult to continue.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the current status of family support, life quality and medical care quality for elderly in urban and rural communities and their related factors.


This survey was conducted by using self-designed web questionnaire (www.wenjuan.com), including family support, life conditions and medical behavior scales. The questionnaire was completed by the respondents themselves. Multiple linear regression was used to analyze the relationship among family support, life quality and medical assistance in elderly.


The elderly included in this survey (n = 1140) fell on a moderate level of life quality and had better access to family support and medical assistance. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that physical health, economic security, self-care ability, and living environment were the main factors affecting life quality in the elderly. Physical health, living conditions and family structure could affect family support obtained by the elderly. Economic security, living environment and education level had significant effect on medical assistance. The status of life quality positively correlated to medical assistance and family support.


Recently, family has a greater support for old-age care in elderly. However, family-based old-age care faces challenges because of reduction of family size and rapid aging of the population. Family needs to external support for old-age care. The security system based on commu

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