A15608 Prevalence of dyslipidemia in outpatients with hypertension in China: Findings from China National Survey for Determinants of Detection and Treatment Status of Hypertensive Patients with Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Factors

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Objectives:To investigate the prevalence of dyslipidemia in hypertensive outpatients in China.Methods:This was a multicenter cross-sectional study of hypertensive outpatients who were consecutively recruited from 46 hospitals in 22 provinces, autonomous region, and municipalities in China according to unified inclusion criteria from June through December 2009. At least 100 hypertensive outpatients per hospital were collected, resulting in a total number of 4,985 for inclusion. Dyslipidemia is defined as one of the following three types: hypercholesterolemia (high TC), hypertriglyceridemia (high TG) and low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (low HDL-C).Results:Overall, 81.2% of the hypertensive outpatients had dyslipidemia, with 67.0% having high TG, 61.0% having high TC, and 41.6% having low HDL-C. The prevalence of high TC was significantly higher in female patients than that in male patients (67.5%vs.54.3%, P < 0.01), while the opposite was true for low HDL-C (32.8% in females vs.50.6% in males, P < 0.01). There were 40.4% of hypertensive outpatients with only one type of dyslipidemia, among which 43.1% had high TC. Patients concomitant with two types of dyslipidemia constituted the most, accounted for 44.3% of the patients, among which the prevalence of mixed hyperlipemia (high TC and high TG combination) was the highest (59.0%). Of all hypertensive outpatients with dyslipidemia, 59.7% were newly detected. Among hypertensive outpatients with a previous history of dyslipidemia, 34.7% were taking lipid-lowering drugs, while only 22.8% controlled their lipids to targets.Conclusion:The prevalence of dyslipidemia is high among hypertensive outpatients in China, while the treatment and control rates are relatively low.

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