A16624 Raised blood pressure and associated risk factors among adult population of Puducherry

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Objectives:To find the prevalence of raised blood pressure and associated risk factors among adult population of Puducherry. 2. To determine the associated risk factors among the study population.Methods:A total of 3,605 participants (aged > 18 years) were interviewed. The participants were selected using multistage random cluster sampling technique. Using standard methodology, three blood pressure readings were taken and JNC-7 criteria was followed for diagnosis of hypertension. Study protocol was approved by the Institute Ethics Committee of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences. Data was analysed using SPSS version 21. Proportions were calculated and Chi-square test was applied.Results:Among 3589 participants with blood pressure measurements, 807 (22.7%) were having raised blood pressure. The prevalence of hypertension increases significantly with age; being 6.3% among adults of 18–29 years to 50.9% among participants of 60 years and above. Hypertension was common among males as compared to females (26.7% vs 19.3%), widows than married (40.8% vs 23.0%), illiterates than educated up to secondary school (32.3% vs 17.2%), unemployed than employed (27.2% vs 22.6%), higher personal income and those staying alone as compared to living in any type of family (46.2% vs 18.9%–24.1%) (p value < 0.005). Further, hypertension was significantly higher among tobacco users than tobacco non users (34.7% vs 21.2%) and alcohol consumers (34.8% vs 20.9%) (p value < 0.001).Conclusion:Prevalence of raised blood pressure is high among adult population of Puducherry. Raised blood pressure was found to be associated with increasing age, male sex, education status and unemployment. There is need of addressing the observed modifiable risk factors for hypertension at community level.

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