A17118 Is alcohol habits induced sympathetic stimulation blunted in overweight children and adolescents?

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Objectives:We assessed in Congolese youths the interaction between alcohol habits and overweight on blood pressure and heart rate.Methods:We obtained lifestyle habits (by questionnaire), blood pressure and heart rate (Omron M6, HEM 7001E) and body mass index in 532 Congolese youths 10 to 19 years (girls: 50.4%). Overweight according to age and gender was derived from international tables. We analyzed the effect of drinking alcohol and overweight on BP and HR using generalized linear model procedure with age as covariate.Results:BP averaged 110 ± 13/69 ± 11mmHg and HR 83 ± 13beats/min. BP increased with age. Overweight (12.7%) predominated among girls (17.9% vs 7.5%;P < 0.001). Alcohol drinkers (23.1%; girls 21.5%, boys 24.7%) were older (P < 0.0001) than abstainers (16 ± 3vs14 ± 3years) with similar proportions among overweight (21.6%) and normal weight youths (23.3%). Age-adjusted SBP (115.3 ± 15.4 vs110.0 ± 12.7mmHg), DBP (72.6 ± 10.2vs68.9 ± 11.1mmHg) and HR (87 ± 9vs 79 ± 14beats/min) were significantly higher in overweight compared to normal weight youths; SBP (113. 5[95% CI:111.0–115.9]vs109.3[108.0 –110.7]mmHg) and HR (85[95% CI:77–94]vs 80[73–90]mmHg) were also higher among alcohol drinkers than abstainers. However, compared to abstainers, age-adjusted SBP in alcohol drinkers was 4.4[1.6–7.2]mmHg higher (P = 0.0024) among normal weight not among overweight youths (1.3[−11,7–14.3]mmHg;P = 0.839). Moreover, HR in alcohol drinkers was 7[0.6–12.2]beats/min faster (P = 0,008) in youths with normal weight, but only 2.1[−1.3–8.2]beats/min in the overweight ones.Conclusion:These effects on BP and HR suggest that sympathetic stimulation by alcohol habits could be partly blunted in the presence of overweight in these young subjects

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