A17757 Hypertension in the Lowest Decile Income Population of Guilan, North of Iran

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Objectives:Consumption of salty sea foods is very common in northern Iran. On the other hands, cardiovascular events are the leading cause of mortality not only in high income population but also in low income group. It seems that the prevalence of risk factors varies in different income groups.Methods:This was a community base cross sectional study in a representative sample of population who was under support of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of from16 cities in northern Iran. Subjects 30 year old and older were interviewed and examined by a trained research team. Blood samples were drawn for biochemical testing. Data analysis was done using SPSS ver 18 software and χ2 test.Results:A total of 22541 persons [8845 men (39.3%) and 13696 women (60.7%)] aged 30 to 103 years with mean age of 69.9 ± 13.2 years were enrolled. Hypertension was seen in 36.9% of cases that most of them were uncontrolled. prevalence of diabetes among this population was 14.5% that only less than one third of them had proper control.. Dyslipidemia was prevalent as 15.7%. 6.1% had past history of Myocardial infarction.Conclusion:The present study showed a different pattern of cardiovascular risk factors in low income groups in comparison to high income population which should be considered in interventional programs.

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