A mix method of knowledge capitalization in maintenance

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This paper deals with knowledge capitalization in maintenance especially in diagnosis and repair of industrial equipments. The goal is to propose a method of knowledge capitalization in order to develop a decision support system for maintenance operators. The knowledge capitalization cycle was adopted as the underlying principle. It consists of four principal steps: detect, preserve, capitalize and actualize the strategic knowledge. Different knowledge management tools and methods that can be used in the cycle are reviewed. We propose a mix method of knowledge capitalization in maintenance. This method integrates a representation and a reasoning model both completing each other and suitable to represent and manipulate the domain knowledge. The knowledge representation model using unified modelling language (UML) diagram proposes different domain models based on maintenance analysis to guide the domain expertise. The reasoning model uses the case-based reasoning which allows the manipulation of represented domain knowledge. Finally, the method is implemented on the pallet transfer system Sormel in the context of Proteus e-maintenance platform.

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