One- Through Six-Component Solutions from Ratings on Familiar English Personality-Descriptive Adjectives

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We report solutions for one through six components for self-ratings (N = 559) on 449 familiar English personality-descriptive adjectives (see Lee & Ashton, 2008). The first unrotated component mainly contrasted desirable with undesirable characteristics. The varimax-rotated two-component solution contained dimensions closely resembling the Social Self-Regulation and Dynamism constructs of Saucier et al. (2014). The three-component solution contained dimensions closely resembling the Affiliation, Dynamism, and Order constructs of De Raad et al. (2014). In the four-component solution, an Emotional Stability dimension emerged, absorbing some variance from dimensions of the three-component solution. The five-component solution added an Intellect/Imagination/Unconventionality (Openness) component, and thus resembled the classic Big Five structure (e.g., Goldberg, 1990). In the six-component solution, the variance of the Big Five Agreeableness and Emotional Stability components was reorganized, producing components corresponding to HEXACO Agreeableness and to rotated variants of HEXACO Emotionality and Honesty-Humility. Solutions based on peer ratings (N = 303) were generally similar to those based on self-ratings, but showed a much larger first unrotated component.

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