Intercalation of Cyclic Amines into α-Titanium Phosphate

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The intercalation of some amines (aniline, benzylamine, cyclohexylamine, piperidine, pyridine, pyrazine and piperazine) into α-titanium phosphate, Ti(HPO4)2· H2O, has been investigated by the batch method and/or by exposing the host to the vapour of the amines. The changes in the interlayer distance of the solid during the intercalation process was followed by X-ray powder diffraction. The new intercalates were characterised by chemical and thermal analysis. Materials with a monolaminar and/or bilaminar arrangement of amine molecules in the phosphate interlayer region are obtained depending on the nature of the amine. Due to steric hindrance, saturated phases are not obtained for all amines studied. The thermal decomposition of the intercalates (nitrogen atmosphere), takes place in three stages: dehydration, removal of amines and condensation of the hydrogenphosphate to pyrophosphate groups.

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