Intercalation of 1-Alkanol Binary Mixtures into the Layered Structure of Vanadyl Phosphate

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Mixed intercalates VOPO4.C2H5 OH.C4 H9OH, VOPO4.C3H7 OH.C5H11OH, VOPO4.C3H7 OH.C6H13OH and VOPO4.C4H9 OH.C6H13OH have been prepared by reaction of polycrystalline vanadyl phosphate dihydrate with liquid mixtures of the 1-alkanols in a microwave field. The same mixed layer-type complexes were also obtained as intermediary products of exchange reactions consisting in substitution of one alkanol bound in the solid intercalate by another alkanol introduced in the form of vapour. The composition of products has been determined, and the basal spacing of all the mixed layer-type complexes prepared has been found by diffraction. A structural principle is suggested which governs the depositing of two kinds of 1-alkanol molecules (differing in the lengths of their aliphatic chains) while acting as guests in the layered structure of vanadyl phosphate.

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