The heats of fusion of tetrabutylammonium fluoride ionic clathrate hydrates

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Two ionic clathrate hydrates with different structures are formed in the binary system tetrabutylammonium fluoride–water, namely tetragonal structure-I hydrate (TS-I) (n-C4H9)4NF • 32.8H2O, and cubic superstructure-I hydrate (CSS-I) (n-C4H9)4NF • 29.7H2O. The heats of fusion (ΔHf) of these polyhydrates were measured calorimetrically with differential scanning calorimeter. For TS-I polyhydrate ΔHf = (204.8 ± 2.3) kJ/mol hydrate, for CSS-I hydrate ΔHf = (177.5 ± 3.1) kJ/mol polyhydrate. The change of water molecules energy state in the water lattices of TS-I and CSS-I polyhydrates are discussed.

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