Original Finger Image Extraction by Morphological Technique and Finger Image Comparisons for Persons' Identification☆

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This research uses the object extracting technique to extract the index, middle and ring fingers from the hand images. The algorithm developed in this research can find the precise locations of the different fingers' fingertips and the finger-to-finger-valleys. After finding the positions of the fingertips and finger-valleys, the index, middle and ring fingers can be extracted from the hand images by using morphological technique. The extracted index, middle and ring fingers contain many useful geometry features. One can use these features to do the person's identification. The orientations of the index, middle and ring fingers are found in this research. Image rotating, image shifting, and image interpolating techniques are used to align different persons' index, middle and ring fingers. Image subtraction is used to exam the difference of two index, middle and ring finger images. In this research so far only use the index, middle and the ring fingers as the features to identify different persons.

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