A New Approach to the Architecture Optimization of a General 3-PUU Translational Parallel Manipulator

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This paper presents a new approach to the architecture optimization of a general 3-PUU translational parallel manipulator (TPM) based on the performance of a weighted sum of global dexterity index and a new performance index-space utility ratio (SUR). Both the inverse kinematics and forward kinematics solutions are derived in closed form, and the Jacobian matrix is derived analytically. The manipulator workspace is generated by a numerical searching method with the physical constraints taken into consideration. Simulation results illustrate clearly the necessity to introduce a mixed performance index using space utility ratio for architectural optimization of the manipulator, and the optimization procedure is carried out with the goal of reaching a compromise between the two indices. The analytical results are helpful in designing a general 3-PUU TPM, and the proposed design methodology can also be applied to architectural optimization for other types of parallel manipulators.

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