Self-organization of Decentralized Swarm Agents Based on Modified Particle Swarm Algorithm

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In this paper, an attempt has been made by incorporating some special features in the conventional particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique for decentralized swarm agents. The modified particle swarm algorithm (MPSA) for the self-organization of decentralized swarm agents is proposed and studied. In the MPSA, the update rule of the best agent in swarm is based on a proportional control concept and the objective value of each agent is evaluated on-line. In this scheme, each agent self-organizes to flock to the best agent in swarm and migrate to a moving target while avoiding collision between the agent and the nearest obstacle/agent. To analyze the dynamics of the MPSA, stability analysis is carried out on the basis of the eigenvalue analysis for the time-varying discrete system. Moreover, a guideline about how to tune the MPSA's parameters is proposed. The simulation results have shown that the proposed scheme effectively constructs a self-organized swarm system in the capability of flocking and migration.

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