Design and Developmental Metrics of a ‘Skin-Like’ Multi-Input Quasi-Compliant Robotic Gripper Sensor Using Tactile Matrix

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Slip-resistant robust grasping of objects during remote manipulation remains one of the major open issues in robotics. Finer measurement of tangential force and slippage need to be considered for the task planning and control of robotic gripper in operation. Design and development of such a multi-sensory tactile array is reported in this paper, which is aimed for direct use in an instrumented jaw intelligent robot gripper for potentially hazardous radioactive environments. A new design has been reported in the paper, wherein sensing members of the prototype follow a combination of beam (bending) and truss-type (axial deformation) behavior under external loadings. Various characteristics of the sensor, viz. condition number, static and dynamic stiffness, sensitivity and repeatability have been evaluated, based on the results from field trials of the prototype. Besides the comparatively larger prototype, a miniaturized version of the sensor has also been developed and tested for object grasping in real-time.

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