COE Final Report: Chiba University

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The Center of Excellence (COE) program for the Creation and Dissemination of a New Japanese Nursing Science at the Chiba University School of Nursing aims to develop nursing science that is appropriate for Japanese culture and to internationally disseminate the importance of culturally based care. The object of this culturally appropriate nursing is not only clients/families but also nurses themselves, because although the cultural aspect of a nurse is tacit, it has deep influence on nursing care.


We organized our research subprojects from the viewpoint of “Interpersonal Helping,” which is different from the former approach of nursing, and we conducted research study on these subprojects. We conducted our research studies to clarify culturally appropriate nursing by the qualitative meta-synthesis method. We performed international comparative research study on culturally appropriate nursing and conducted international conferences to elaborate and disseminate our outcomes.


Fourteen outcomes of meta-synthesis studies have already been published until now, and more than 200 primary research studies have been conducted. We developed mainly 2 education programs and adopted them practically. From the inductive analysis of all our primary researches, we derived 4 viewpoints that clarify cultural aspect in nursing. The Cultural Nursing Society was established in 2007.


We finally named this culturally appropriate nursing which respected the difference of individual culture “Cultural Nursing”. The importance of Cultural Nursing will further increase in the near future. We plan to establish and systematize this Cultural Nursing Science, which is based on the outcome of our program, and enroll researchers and nurses who have the ability to study and practice Cultural Nursing from both interdisciplinary and international aspects.

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