Cost information of chemotherapy for cervical and endometrial cancer in Japan

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Treatment cost is one of the biggest concerns for cancer patients. Providing information to cancer patients about treatment cost and available financial support contributes to high-quality care. The aim of this study was to determine chemotherapy costs and other medical care expenditures for patients with cervical and endometrial cancer.


Data from the Diagnosis Procedure Combination system, which is the Japanese version of the Diagnosis-related Group system, were used to identify 179 patients with cervical cancer and 244 patients with endometrial cancer who received chemotherapy from 2008–2010 at a specialized cancer hospital. The costs of chemotherapy per bolus, various protocols, and other medical care expenditures were investigated.


The cost per bolus of chemotherapeutic agents varied from ¥13,804–258,906 ($US 173–3236). The total medical cost for each course, including supportive care and treatment for chemotoxic symptoms, ranged ¥22,230–590,140 ($US 278–7377). Fourteen protocols were used in this population. Multiple regression analysis revealed that the factors related to the total medical care cost for cervical cancer were cost of chemotherapeutic agents, laboratory tests, oral medications, number of complications, and age. For endometrial cancer, cost of chemotherapeutic agents, laboratory tests, and oral medications were the factors related to the total medical care costs.


The cost of various chemotherapy protocols and the total medical care was determined using the Diagnosis Procedure Combination system. Nurses should give the information about treatment cost and discuss the cost with patients to facilitate high-quality care.

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