Seminar Review: Creative Compression Treatment in Challenging Situations

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There are globally accepted insights and country-specific standards, preferences, and traditions regarding compression therapy. Although there is a wide choice of bandaging and compression materials, the use of these materials must be planned to meet individual patient's temporary needs using the most appropriate technique and optimal timing. Even though indications and contraindications exist for elastic and nonelastic materials and techniques, professionals must use the technical advantages of the several systems for the benefit of the patient. Whatever method is chosen, the effectiveness of compression depends on several technical and personal issues, including the anatomical and functional status of the limb to be treated. Notwithstanding the guidelines for treatment, there will always be situations where either standard or optimal treatment cannot be applied and where clinicians must be creative in the treatment offered. The aim of this article is to reflect on what is possible outside the margins of the normal consensus on compression treatment to stimulate debate.

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