Keystone-Designed Perforator Island Flaps for the Coverage of Traumatic Pretibial Defects in Patients With Comorbidities

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Reconstruction of pretibial skin and soft-tissue defects remains a challenge because this area has less underlying tissues and limited tissue mobility. Here, we present a retrospective review of our experience with pretibial reconstruction using the keystone-designed perforator island flap (KDPIF) in patients with comorbidities. All defects resulted from nononcological causes. We describe the expanding versatility of KDPIF reconstruction for pretibial defects and suggest a simple algorithmic approach. The medical records of 9 patients who underwent reconstruction with a KDPIF to cover a pretibial defect between May 2016 and June 2017 were reviewed. Clinical and operative data were collected. All 9 KDPIFs fully survived. The defect size varied from 3 × 2 cm2 to 8 × 6 cm2. The flap size varied from 5 × 3 to 20 × 10 cm2. The mean operative time was 90.4 minutes (range = 37-127 minutes). No postoperative complications occurred. The cosmetic results were favorable, and all patients were satisfied with the final outcomes. Thus, the KDPIF is a good reconstruction modality with few complications and provides an alternative to free flaps for pretibial defect reconstruction in patients with comorbidities.

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