Prevalence of Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis in 5 European Countries and the United States: Results From an Internet Panel Survey

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This study aimed to estimate prevalence of vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and recurring VVC (RVVC).

Materials and Methods

An online omnibus survey was administered to 6,010 women aged 16 and older in 6 countries.


We analyzed surveys from 6,000 women. Depending on the country, between 29% and 49% of participating women reported having a health care provider–diagnosed vaginal yeast infection during their lifetime. More than one fifth of women reporting one vaginal yeast infection also reported a 12-month period with 4 or more infections (RVVC) (overall 9%). The cumulative probability of RVVC after an initial vaginal yeast infection was very high. By age 25 years, the probability was 10% for women having had 1 initial yeast infection. By age 50 years, it was 25%.


The overall rates of VVC and RVVC were high and consistent with previous findings. Results were consistent across countries with the exception of France, which had a lower rate of VVC. This may reflect differences in risk behavior, response to infection, or sampling biases. Recurring VVC is a significant health problem in western countries, and the probability that VVC will progress to RVVC is high.

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