Vulvar Trichoblastoma: Case Report and Literature Review

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Trichoblastomas are rare and benign tumors that arise from rudimentary hair follicles. Presentation varies from superficial plaques to papular or nodular lesions. Trichoblastomas usually arise on the head or neck. A few cases of other vulvar trichoblastic tumors such as trichofibromas and trichoepitheliomas have been reported to this day, but no such report of vulvar trichoblastoma exists.

Materials and Methods

We report the case of a 61-year-old woman who presented with a vulvar trichoblastoma. The woman presented with a lump of the labium majus. She was managed surgically, first by wide excision of the mass followed by a second surgery consisting of a partial vulvectomy. Because surgical margins were positive and there is a potential for malignant transformation, a third surgery was performed. The margins came back negative. A literature review on trichoblastomas was performed, including its potential for malignant transformation, management, and immunohistochemistry to differentiate it from basal cell carcinoma.


Trichoblastomas are benign tumors that have a potential for malignant transformation. These tumors can present aggressive characteristics. Differential diagnosis from basal cell carcinoma can be difficult but is facilitated using immunohistochemistry.


This is the first case of vulvar trichoblastoma reported in the literature. Although it is a benign tumor, excision with negative margins is recommended because it can be difficult to distinguish from basal cell carcinoma and it has a potential for malignant transformation.

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