Self-Attempted Labioplasty With Elastic Bands Resulting in Severe Necrosis

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Labial hypertrophy is protuberant labial tissue extending beyond the labia majora. Self-perception of poor cosmetic appearance is common in young patients and not necessarily pathologic. Labioplasty is indicated for patients with persistent symptoms including entrapment and painful intercourse.


A 26-year-old woman presented with genital pain and foul odor after self-applying elastic bands to her labia minora. The bands were applied for a self-perceived abnormal appearance and lack of insurance for medical consultation. Surgical debridement and revision of the labia were performed using a straight vertical approach.


Self-attempted labioplasty can result in necrosis and infection. Education and counseling of patients on the normal variants of labial anatomy and the recommended therapeutic methods will lead to better cosmetic results and prevent self-mutilation.

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