Effects of Music Listening During Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure on Pain and Anxiety: A Randomized Trial

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ObjectiveThe aim of the study was to compare pain, anxiety, and satisfaction between women, who listened to music, and those who did not during loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP).Material and MethodsParticipants were randomly assigned into two groups. In group 1 (music), the participants listened to relaxing instrumental music through the stereo headset from the time of arrival at the preoperative waiting room until the procedure completed. For group 2 (control), the participants underwent LEEP without music listening. The women rated pain, anxiety, and satisfaction according to 10-cm visual analog scales. Pain was assessed at the time of speculum insertion (baseline pain) and immediately after the LEEP completed (procedural pain). Anxiety and satisfaction were examined just before starting the LEEP and 10 minutes after the procedure completed.ResultsOne hundred fifty patients (74 in music group and 76 in control group) participated. Mean baseline pain scores after speculum insertion were comparable between the groups (3.7 in the music group vs. 3.5 in the control group, p = .55). Mean procedural pain scores were not different between the groups (4.7 in the music group vs. 5.2 in the control group, p = .32). The differences of the procedural pain scores from baseline were statistically comparable between the study groups (0.9 in the music group vs. 1.7 in the control group, p = .15). There were no significant differences in anxiety and satisfaction scores at any time points assessed between the groups.ConclusionsThe effects of music listening on reducing pain and anxiety during LEEP could not be demonstrated in this study.

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