Nuclear Magnetism of Submonolayer Solid 3He on Graphite

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Submonolayer solid 3He adsorbed on graphite has been studied with NMR measurement down to the order of 0.1 mK. The magnetization curves are well fitted to the Curie-Weiss law in the whole investigated density region (5.0 nm−2 – 8.5 nm−2). The obtained Weiss temperatures are found to be positive at a √3 × √3 commensurate phase and an incommensurate one. However they are negative in the intermediate density region, which suggests the existence of an antiferromaynetic phase also in the Submonolayer. The change from an antiferro to a ferromagnetic behavior at around 7.3 nm−2 is similar to that of the second layer, and can be explained by a multiple spin exchange model. Therefore the ferromagnetic behavior in the second layer is not necessarily due to the liquid overlayer. While the ferromagnetic behavior at the √3 × √3 phase is not reproduced by a simple density dependence of competing multiple exchange interactions and indicates the importance of the corrugation potential from the graphite substrate.

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