Search for the stabilizing effect of magnetic field on a gas of He*2 excitations in liquid helium phases

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The absorption spectra of triplet He*2 metastable molecules in normal liquid 3He under various pressures have been observed for the first time. Molecules are generated as a result of recombination of positive and negative ions extracted from discharge regions near sharp tips operated in field-emission/field-ionization modes. We have shown experimentally that this method allows one to create measurable concentrations of triplets without essential overheating of normal liquid in the cell.

The decay of the molecules after the current through the cell is turned off have been studied in various magnetic fields up to 5.5 T. Experimental values of the mutual recombination coefficient agree with the theory of diffusion-limited recombination of excimers and show no effect of the magnetic field. The magnetic relaxation time is found to exceed 200 msec under all conditions studied.

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