The Wave-Vector Dependence of Quantum Evaporation from Superfluid 4He

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Absolute measurements of the probability of quantum evaporation of atoms by rotons from the surface of superfluid 4He are still problematic. However, it is possible to obtain information about the wave-vector dependence of the evaporation process by using a refined simulation14 to interpret the experiments of Brown and Wyatt12. Two theories (Guilleumas et al.9 and Sobnack et al.10) are compared with these experiments by incorporating their predictions for the quantum evaporation probability into a numerical simulation. Both theories over-estimate the probability of phonon-atom evaporation. For roton (R+–atom) evaporation, compared with a simulation that assumes all kinetically allowed events are equally probable, the theory of Guilleumas et al. does not significantly improve the agreement with experiment, and the theory of Sobnack et al. increases the discrepancy.

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