Twenty Years of Magnon Bose Condensation and Spin Current Superfluidity in 3He-B

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20 years ago a new quantum state of matter was discovered and identified (Borovik-Romanov et al. in JETP Lett. 40:1033, 1984; 45:124, 1987; 47:478, 1988; Fomin in JETP Lett. 40:1037, 1984; Borovik-Romanov et al. in Sov. Phys. JETP 61:1199, 1985; Fomin in Sov. Phys. JETP 61:1207, 1985; Bunkov et al. in JETP Lett. 43:168, 1986). The observed dynamic quantum state of spin precession in superfluid 3He-B bears the properties of spin current superfluidity, Bose condensation of spin waves—magnons, off-diagonal long-range order and related phenomena of quantum coherence.

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