Staphylococcus equorum and Staphylococcus succinus isolated from human clinical specimens

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A polyphasic identification approach was applied to a group of 11 novobiocin-resistant staphylococci isolated from human clinical materials. Phenotypic characteristics obtained by both commercial and conventional tests assigned eight strains as Staphylococcus xylosus and three strains as ambiguous S. xylosus/Staphylococcus equorum. In contrast to biotyping, ribotyping with EcoRI and HindIII restriction endonucleases and whole-cell protein fingerprinting assigned six analysed strains as S. equorum, and five strains as Staphylococcus succinus. Confirmation of the identification was done by partial 16S rRNA gene sequencing and S. equorum isolates were verified by a PCR assay targeting the sodA gene. From the data it has been implied that ribotyping and whole-cell protein analysis can be used to differentiate between the biochemically almost indistinguishable species S. xylosus, S. equorum and S. succinus. The present study confirms what is believed to be the first occurrence of S. equorum in a relevant human clinical material in the Czech Republic and describes what is believed to be the first-ever isolation of S. succinus from human clinical material.[]

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