First genotype identification ofTrichosporon asahiiin Sfax, Tunisia

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The objectives of our study were species identification and genotyping of Trichosporon isolates collected at the Parasitology and Mycology Laboratory in Sfax, Tunisia.


Molecular identification was carried out by analysing the IGS1 regions of the rDNA of 30 Trichosporon isolates.


Trichosporon asahii was the most frequent species detected. Furthermore, four genotypes were identified in Tunisia: 1 (46.4%), 4 (35.7%), 7 (14.3%) and 3 (3.6%). In vitro antifungal susceptibility testing of the isolates showed that voriconazole exhibited the highest activity.


This is the first reported study of genotype identification of T. asahii in Tunisia and even in the African continent.

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