Application of Higher Order Spectra for the Identification of Diabetes Retinopathy Stages

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Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a condition where the retina is damaged due to fluid leaking from the blood vessels into the retina. In extreme cases, the patient will become blind. Therefore, early detection of diabetic retinopathy is crucial to prevent blindness. Various image processing techniques have been used to identify the different stages of diabetes retinopathy. The application of non-linear features of the higher-order spectra (HOS) was found to be efficient as it is more suitable for the detection of shapes. The aim of this work is to automatically identify the normal, mild DR, moderate DR, severe DR and prolific DR. The parameters are extracted from the raw images using the HOS techniques and fed to the support vector machine (SVM) classifier. This paper presents classification of five kinds of eye classes using SVM classifier. Our protocol uses, 300 subjects consisting of five different kinds of eye disease conditions. We demonstrate a sensitivity of 82% for the classifier with the specificity of 88%.

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