Recrystallization phenomena in an IF steel observed by in situ EBSD experiments

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SummaryIn situ electron backscatter diffraction microstructural analysis of recrystallizing interstitial free steels deformed to strains of 0.75 and 1.6 has been carried out in a FEG-SEM. The experimental procedures are discussed, and it is shown that there is no degradation of the electron backscatter diffraction patterns at temperatures up to 800°C. Analysis of the surface and interior microstructures of annealed samples shows only minor difference, which suggests that in situ annealing experiments are of value. In addition, it is shown that in situ measurements allow a detailed comparison between the same areas before and after annealing, thereby providing information about the recrystallization mechanisms. Sequential recrystallization phenomena, such as initiation and growth of new grains, are observed at temperatures over 740°C, and depending on the deformation histories, different recrystallization behaviour is observed. It is found that {111}〈123〉 recrystallized grains are preferentially formed in the highly deformed material, whereas no strong recrystallization texture is formed in the lower strained material.

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