Combined FTIR and SEM-EDS study of Bi2O3 doped ZnO–SnO2 ceramics

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SummaryThe effects of Bi2O3 addition on the phase composition, microstructure and optical properties of ZnO–SnO2 ceramics were investigated. Starting powders of ZnO and SnO2 were mixed in the molar ratio 2:1. After adding Bi2O3 (1.0 mol.%) this mixture was mechanically activated for 10 min in a planetary ball mill, uniaxially pressed and sintered at 1300°C for 2 h. Far-infrared reflection spectra were measured (100–1000 cm–1). To investigate the occurred differences in FTIR spectra, the Bi2O3-doped sample was examined more carefully with a Perkin–Elmer FTIR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, Waltham, MA, USA) connected with a Perkin–Elmer FTIR microscope and itemized points of interest were also studied with SEM-EDS.

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