Investigation of properties of electrochemically synthesizediron oxide nano-powders

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Nano-sized powders of iron oxides have been synthesized electrochemically at temperatures in the range of 295–361 K, and current densities in the range of 200–1000 mA dm−2. The structure and morphology of the powders were investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy techniques. Their infrared absorption spectra, specific heat Cp(T) and magnetic susceptibility χ(T) temperature dependences are also determined. The obtained powders consist of two phases, each possessing distinguished characteristics: the one formed of large plates and the other of whiskers. By appropriate adjustment of the synthesis conditions, it is possible to change features and relative abundances of the two phases, and that way to control morphology and other powder properties. Relaxation and transformation of the phases under external influences was also investigated, and the optimal procedure for preparation and stabilization of iron oxide nano-sized powders with desired characteristics was established.

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