Systematics of : Hydrobiidae)Pseudamnicola: Hydrobiidae) (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae)

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Pseudamnicola pieperi, previously known only from Karpathos Island (southeast Aegean Sea), is reported from seven new localities on Karpathos and redescribed and taxonomically circumscribed using morphological, anatomical and mtDNA sequence data. Additionally, two new species of Pseudamnicola are described from Rodos, i.e. P. ianthe and P. ilione. The species from Karpathos and Rodos are differentiated from each other (and from the other Greek and circum Mediterannean congeners having similarly shaped shells and penes) by details of the radula, the nervous system and the female genitalia; they are also genetically divergent relative to those congeners that have been sequenced (mtCOI divergence: 3.6–13.5%).

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