The absence of a triphasic renovascular response by the multicalyceal kidney of the primate in reaction to acute, complete, unilateral, ureteric obstruction

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The early renovascular response by the ipsilateral kidney to acute, total, unilateral, ureteric obstruction was investigated in the adult male chacma baboon (Papio ursinus). Complete occlusion was effected by ligating the ureter at the brim of the bony pelvis ("N"=10). Sham studies were enacted using the same method but the ureter was not obstructed ("N"=11). Haemodynamic reactions were monitored for 12 hours. Compared with the sham-occluded set, the renal pelvic pressures in the obstructed group were significantly increased (P<0.05) from the second hour of the inquiry. However, there were no significant differences in renal blood flow, either between or within the respective cohorts.

In this study, the renovascular response to acute ureteric occlusion was similar to that displayed by the multicalyceal kidney of other species under identical conditions. This reaction was fundamentally different to that exhibited by the unicalyceal kidney under similar circumstances.

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