Thermal stability of the αZn–Mg2Zn11 and αZn–βAl eutectics obtained by Bridgman growth

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The thermal stability of rod-like αZn–Mg2Zn11 and lamellar αZn–βAl eutectics obtained by Bridgman growth of Zn–3.1 wt% Mg and Zn–5 wt% Al has been studied for soaking times up to 10 h at 300 and 350°C, respectively. Two-dimensional coarsening resulted for αZn–Mg2Zn11 grown at 0.5 and 1 mm s−1 while fault migration was operative for lamellar αZn–βAl grown at 0.1 and 1 mm s−1. Hardness decreased with increased soaking time according to a Hall–Petch relationship with mean interphase spacing and the values H0 and kY accord well with the values obtained from the Hall–Petch relationship for HV of as-solidified αZn–Mg2Zn11 and αZn–βAl with eutectic interphase spacing, respectively.

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