Preparation and critical current density of hot pressed Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox/Ag tapes

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Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox(Bi-2223)/Ag tapes have been prepared by hot pressing performed at 800–840 °C for 12–96 h under 6 or 12 MPa in air. The highest transport critical current density, Jc, is 3900 A cm−2 at 77 K and 8800 A cm−2 at 65 K under zero magnetic field, which is observed in tape hot pressed at 820 °C under 12 MPa for 24 h twice. The tape has undergone a cold pressing under 260 MPa between hot pressings. Jc is limited to 120 A cm−2 in tape hot pressed for 48 h continuously, in spite of total hot pressing time, temperature and pressure all being the same as for tape hot pressed for 24 h twice. It is found that alternate hot pressing and cold pressing is effective in the preparation of Bi-2223 tapes with high Jc, which is determined by the strength of grain coupling. Grain coupling is strengthened in tape hot pressed with an intermediate cold pressing.

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