The effect of calcination on the microstructural characteristics and photoreactivity of Degussa P-25 TiO2

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Changes in the microstructural characteristics of Degussa P-25 titania as a result of calcination have been studied using XRD, BET and TEM. The photocatalytic activities of the samples were also examined using the degradation of phenol as a model reaction. The results indicate firstly that calcination significantly affects both microstructural characteristics and photoactivity and secondly that there is an apparent relationship between photocatalytic activity and certain microstructural characteristics. Over the range of calcination temperatures and durations studied, the sample calcined at 923 K for 3 hours revealed the highest photoreactivity, which can be ascribed to an improvement in crystallinity on calcination. The increase in the rutile content and grain growth caused by the calcination at higher temperatures were observed to decrease the photocatalytic activities of the TiO2 samples.

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