Diffusion barriers in gold-metallized titanium-based contact structures on SiC

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TiC, TiCN, Pd, W and Ti were investigated as diffusion barriers between the contact material Ti3SiC2 and the Au-metallization for high temperature stable contact systems on SiC. The barrier materials TiC, TiCN, Pd, W and Ti were studied by thermally stressing the contact multilayer structures, followed by morphological scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis and electrical characterization of the contact resistance. At 600 °C, TiC and TiCN prevent a failure of the contact system for up to 18 h compared with 10 min without a diffusion barrier. Palladium hinders decomposition of the metallization for up to 90 h. Ti and W are not useful as diffusion barrier materials in this contact system. The results are related to phase equilibrium and reaction diffusion studies in the relevant materials system.

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