Bulk magnetic studies on Cu–Mg–Zn ferrites

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The ferrite compositions of Cu(0.5−x)MgxZn0.5Fe2O4 were synthesized by thermal decomposition of the solid solution of oxalate complexes obtained by the coprecipitation technique using oxalate precursors. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of all the samples showed a single spinel phase with no detectable impurity phases. The magnetization values were measured by the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) technique and the observed variation in magnetization values is attributed to porosity present in these ferrite compositions. The saturation magnetization (Ms) versus temperature curves revealed the curve to be of type Q. The variation of saturation magnetization (Ms) with temperature (T) for composition x = 0.25 and x = 0.40 exhibited a type Q-curve at a higher field of 1000 G. The monotonic increase in Hc with grain diameter for ferrite compositions under investigation leads to Hc∝D−1. Saturation magnetization (Ms) values of end ferrites sintered at 1000 °C are higher than those of oxalate complexes decomposed at 600 °C.

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