Preparation of hydroxyapatite-granule-implanted superplastic titanium-alloy

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In order to obtain a biomaterial that has both biological affinity and high mechanical strength, hydroxyapatite (HAp) granules were implanted into the surface of superplastic titanium-alloy. HAp granules (32-38 μm diameter) were spread over a superplastic titanium-alloy substrate and pressed to implant the granules into the substrate. This was achieved at 17 MPa, 750 °C for 10 min. Only the tops of the granules, which were surrounded by the alloy, remained exposed and they were firmly stuck in the substrate. The granules were enclosed in titanium-alloy and a reaction layer was formed at their interface. The HAp-implanted titanium-alloy composites are expected to be useful as biomaterials, such as artificial bones and dental roots.

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