Reaction Phases and Strength of AlN/V Diffusion Couples

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Diffusion couples of AlN/V were experimentally examined after annealing in a temperature range of 1373 K∼1773 K for a bonding time range of 0.9 ks∼21.6 ks. The interfacial reaction, reaction mechanism, and bond strength of the bonded AlN/V couples have been explained on the basis of phase relations at different bonding conditions, making use of elemental analysis, XRD, and shear testing method. Formation of V(Al) solid solution and V2N nitride controls the interfacial joining of the AlN/V couples. A complete diffusion path between AlN and V could be predicted at 1573 K before 0.9 ks, following a sequence of AlN/V(Al)/V2N/V. This sequence can be discussed during the Al-V-N ternary phase diagram. At a high temperature of 1573 K, AlN decomposition at the interface took place. A maximum bond strength could be obtained for a joint bonded at 1573 K after 5.4 ks, having a structure of AlN/V(Al)/V2N + V.

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