Oxidation of Calcium Boride at High Temperature

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The oxidation of CaB6 powders at high temperatures was investigated. The sample oxidized at 873 to 973 K for 25 hours exhibited weight gain with increasing oxidation temperature; the oxidation proceeded in accordance with the parabolic law during the initial oxidation stage. On the other hand, the weight gain of the sample oxidized at and above 1073 K for 4 h was approximately 80%; however even if the oxidation time was prolonged, an additional weight change did not occur. Based on the results of the X-ray diffraction analysis, calcium borate (CaB4O7) was present on the surface of the sample oxidized at 1073 K. The sample showed a good oxidation resistance at 1273 to 1373 K, because the surface film of calcium borate (CaB2O4) formed by oxidation acted as an oxidation resistant layer.

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