Hospital Information Technology Systems' Impact on Nurses and Nursing Care

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Objective:We conducted a review of the literature to determine the impact of health information technologies (HITs) on nurses and nursing care.Background:Nurses' effective use of HIT has the potential to produce a positive impact on nursing-sensitive patient outcomes, patient safety, and quality of care.Methods:A review of the literature produced 564 unique references of which 74 were selected for review.Results:Findings suggest that (1) HIT improves the quality of nursing documentation; (2) HIT reduces medication administration errors; (3) nurses are generally satisfied with HIT and have positive attitudes about it; and (4) nurse involvement in all stages of HIT design and implementation, and effective leadership throughout these processes, can improve HIT.Conclusion:HIT has had positive influences on nurse satisfaction and patient care. Effective nursing leadership can positively influence the effective development, dissemination, and use of HIT.

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