The Effect of Authentic Leadership, Person-Job Fit, and Civility Norms on New Graduate Nurses’ Experiences of Coworker Incivility and Burnout

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This study examined the influence of authentic leadership, person-job fit with 6 areas of worklife, and civility norms on coworker incivility and burnout among new graduate nurses.


New graduate nurses report experiencing high levels of workplace incivility from coworkers, which has been found to negatively impact their job and career satisfaction and increase their intention to leave. The role of civility norms in preventing burnout and subsequent exposure to incivility from coworkers has yet to be examined among new graduate nurses.


A cross-sectional mail survey of 993 new graduate nurses across Canada was conducted.


The results supported the hypothesized relationships between study variables.


Civility norms play a key role in preventing early career burnout and coworker incivility experienced by new graduate nurses. Leaders can influence civility norms by engaging in authentic leadership behaviors and optimizing person-job fit.

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