Are Generation Y Nurses Satisfied on the Job? Understanding Their Lived Experiences

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The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of job satisfaction among Generation Y nurses in the workplace.


Job satisfaction in nursing is at an all-time low. With an increasing shortage of nurses, there is a need for more awareness and understanding of job satisfaction and intent to stay among Generation Y nurses who are the future generation of nurses.


Descriptive phenomenology-guided, in-depth semistructured interviews were conducted to explore the lived experiences of job satisfaction among 10 Generation Y nurses.


Four main themes and 6 subthemes that emerged brought meaning to the nurses’ experiences. The 4 main themes were experiences of feeling good, relationships, job strain, and having choices.


Findings indicated Generation Y nurses want to fulfill inner feelings of job satisfaction. If these inner feelings are not met, they will seek other opportunities to fulfill job satisfaction.

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