The Influence of Psychological Capital and Work Engagement on Intention to Remain of New Graduate Nurses

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OBJECTIVEThe aim of this study was to explore the influence of new graduate nurses' psychological capital (PsyCap) and work engagement (WE) on their intention to remain in nursing.BACKGROUNDNew graduate nurses experience stressful work environments, emotional exhaustion, and burnout. Positive psychological resources, such as PsyCap and WE, may promote the retention of new graduate nurses.METHODSA cross-sectional survey design was used. A structured questionnaire was answered by 156 new graduate nurses working at 2 tertiary hospitals and 1 university hospital in South Korea.RESULTSThe intention to remain among new graduate nurses was correlated significantly with PsyCap and WE. A hierarchical regression of intention to remain against general characteristics, PsyCap, and WE explained 33.5% of intention to remain of new graduate nurses. Psychological capital and WE were influential in new graduate nurses' intention to remain.CONCLUSIONSOrganizational attention is needed to foster PsyCap and WE to strengthen new graduate nurses' intention to remain in nursing.

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