Mapping and Sustaining Leadership Development: An Innovation Academic Service Partnership

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OBJECTIVE AND BACKGROUNDTo improve leadership competency, academic and clinical partners planned and implemented a 2-day facilitated workshop that actively engaged nurse leaders in preparing for their current and future careers by focusing on “The Leader Within.” We anticipated that an emphasis on this particular dimension of leadership, that is, knowing oneself, would lead to improvements in the science and the art of leadership among nurse managers (NMs) and assistant NMs (ANMs).METHODSUsing the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory (NMSI), we conducted precompetency and 8-month postcompetency surveys and interviews. Although 41 nurses completed the pretest, only 17 completed the posttest.RESULTSThe sample of 50% NMs and 50% ANMs had an average age of 38.4 (SD, 8.2) years’ and 8.2 (SD, 6.3) years’ experience. Self-rated leadership competency scores were improved at the 8-month posttest period on all NMSI sections: the Science, the Art, and the Leader Within.CONCLUSIONSActively cultivating “The Leader Within” facilitates reflective practice that may lead to more deliberate leadership competency attainment and career planning.

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