A Survey of University Students’ Vitamin D–Related Knowledge

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To survey Canadian university students’ vitamin D–related knowledge.


Undergraduate university students (n = 1,088) were surveyed as to their vitamin D–related knowledge, including its sources, health benefits, and recommended intake.


Overall, students answered 29% of questions correctly on the knowledge test. In addition, the overall test was subdivided into 3 subtests, and students scored 26% on vitamin D source knowledge, 23% on factors affecting vitamin D levels, and 37% on health effects of vitamin D. Only 8% of participants correctly identified the recommended vitamin D intake; 14% correctly identified the amount of time in the sun required to produce adequate vitamin D.

Conclusions and Implications:

These results suggest that Canadian university students have poor knowledge concerning vitamin D. Program planners should consider improving vitamin D knowledge as a component of future health promotion programs for university students.

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