Design and Evaluation of a Training Protocol for a Photographic Method of Visual Estimation of Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Kindergarten Through Second-Grade Students

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To design a replicable training protocol for visual estimation of fruit and vegetable (FV) intake of kindergarten through second-grade students through digital photography of lunch trays that results in reliable data for FV served and consumed.


Protocol development through literature and researcher input was followed by 3 laboratory-based trainings of 3 trainees. Lunchroom data collection sessions were done at 2 elementary schools for kindergarten through second-graders. Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) were used.


By training 3, ICC was substantial for amount of FV served and consumed (0.86 and 0.95, respectively; P < .05). The ICC was moderate for percentage of fruits consumed (0.67; P = .06). In-school estimates for ICCs were all significant for amounts served at school 1 and percentage of FV consumed at both schools.

Conclusions and Implications:

The protocol resulted in reliable estimation of combined FV served and consumed using digital photography. The ability to estimate FV intake accurately will benefit intervention development and evaluation.

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