A Review of Narrative Pedagogy Strategies to Transform Traditional Nursing Education

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Traditional nursing pedagogies using teacher-centered learning approaches have produced efficient, knowledgeable nursing graduates for many years. However, 21st century learners will require and demand new educational approaches. The information age of computers has challenged all facets of education to keep pace. Nursing education must evolve with ever-changing forms of communication and technology and recognize generational differences in learning. The creation of partnerships in learning, rather than the traditional hierarchy of education, is projected to meet the needs of today's learners more effectively. The national league for nursing, in its position statements, has challenged nurse educators to develop new research-based pedagogies responsive to the changing health care environment and reflective of new partnerships between and among students, teachers, and clinicians. This article will explore examples of one approach, narrative pedagogy, and its usefulness in nursing education as a way to expand the pedagogical literacy of nurse educators.

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